Monday, May 18, 2009

NUWA Factory Tour

Today we drove to Chanute KS to tour the Nuwa factory, well it turned out to be almost a wasted trip. Nuwa is no longer in production, they stopped production back in Dec. but they do plan on re-starting production in June of 2009.

We were able to walk through the factory, and they had several 5th wheels on display and we were able to walk through them. (Big deal: we have no interest in a 5th wheel)
They also had a parts store that we were able to browse through and looked at several tables. Jay and Fay for some laminate they might be able to use on their TV frame, and if it does work that will make the trip worth while.

We came back to the rigs and I took a short nap after lunch. Later we went to the Burlington Museum. That was interesting seeing all the old things related to Burlington. They had an old fire truck, lots of guns, an old school building, and an old church house.

Now we are planning our departure from Burlington, we have had a terrific time here, and wouldn't mind returning someday, just not in the spring.

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