Saturday, May 23, 2009

I've got CRS so the DR says.

Yep it is official, I have CRS. CRS is a disease we all almost always get as we get older, and I have to admit I have it now. We did a lot of walking today checking out the events scheduled for the Escapade, and meeting up with friends we haven't seen in a long time.

Chef Bob is here and has a new coach since we saw him last in Feb 08 at the Gypsy Journal Rally in AZ. He is still selling the pots and pans, cooking some delicious meals, and plane old being Chef Bob.

Nick and Terry have a place set up selling their news paper and CD's, and Terry is as pleasant as always. We did get to visit with them for a few between customers this afternoon.

We looked around at all the vendors, and the things they are selling, and as most "shows" the prices are MSRP. I don't think there will be many "bargains" if any, but if I need something and it is offered here I would rather buy it here than order it on-line. (unless I can save a lot of $$)

Tonight Keith and Donna hosted a social hour, I guess there were 12-20 people gathered at their rig socializing and eating all the snacks. This is where I accepted the fact that I have CRS. (oh yea CRS is can't remember sh**) I tried to recall all the names of everyone that was there but I feel lucky I counted between 12-20 people.

After the social hour I had to put all our lottery numbers on the big eraser board so everyone could check their own numbers. 7 couples pitched in $10 each to buy lottery tickets, the power ball is up to $192 million. I bought the tickets today and tonight I put all the numbers on the eraser board and put the board on the front of our rig so everyone can check the numbers themselves.

Jean fixed an Indian meal for us tonight, it was the first real Indian food I think I have ever eaten. It was better than I expected even though it has rice in it. I'm not a big fan of rice. She also slaved really hard making a desert for us, four different kinds of cheese cake, and yes I ate WAY too much desert, but it was really good. Thanks Jean.

OK I have to go check the numbers to see if I am a millionaire....

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