Saturday, May 16, 2009

Parks and a scenic drive

Today Lulu, Jay, Fay, Marcia and myself took a very scenic drive through the eastern part of Kansas. Our first stop was Burlington City Fishing lake, where we saw a nuclear power house across the lake. The lady at the guard shack had to see everyone's photo ID before we could even enter what we found to be a boat launch for the lake. We could see several trucks with empty boat trailers, and across the lake we could see the nuke.

After we left there we went to John Redmond Reservoir where we got the honor of seeing a guy land a carp about 10 lbs. It was interesting to see how they got it up the 25 foot wall we were standing on. They dropped a net down that was tied to a rope, and while the guy with the fish on his line wrestled the fish to the wall the other guy maneuvered the net under the fish and then pulled it out of the water with the fish trapped inside.

It wasn't a good catch for him because carp is considered a trash fish, and very few people eat them, and he had snagged it through the belly so it was like hauling in a log. They had caught a few white bass, or stripers as we call them back in KY.

On the upper side of the dam we found things to be flooded out.

we left there and drove around aimlessly, we ran into several roads that wound up being dead ends due to the high water.
One little town we saw a very interesting street sign, it gave instructions.

we found this sign hanging on a wall next to the door of a fabulous eating establishment.

The food was terrific and the information we received was priceless. The waitress told us about the log jam and the local hardware store when we ask about a flea market. This hardware store had almost anything you could ask for in it. The elderly lady running it told us stories about the local jail, and about her friend that was advised to leave KY on a visit there.

If you look closely you can see the logs, sticks, and branches backed up for as far as we could see against this bridge. She said it made the front page of the news paper.

This was really used years ago as the jail for Hartford KS.

OK so the title says something about parks, every town we have seen in Kansas has at least one park, Burlington has at least 7 parks, and a rec center that has almost anything. We saw three parks today that held the name "Jones Park". Now they were in different towns, and Jay says that Jones guy really got around. Maybe I will ask some of the locals more about the Jones Parks....
This one was in Gridley KS

This one was in Hartford KS (I think)

This one is in Burlington KS

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