Friday, May 22, 2009

Pre Escapade

Today we rolled our rigs from the public camping area of the MO State Fairground to the Escapade area. We had talked to Paul (he and Connie are on the parking crew) and things were going smooth, the 8AM rush was over and there wasn't anyone waiting to get parked.

As we drove in we I saw a 5er clip a power meter, and I knew I didn't want that guy parking me. I drove on down where Connie instructed me where to drive to, (not where to go) and then follow the instructions back around to where we would be parked. The guy guiding me in got me a little too close to the rig on my right for my comfort, but I followed the instructions.

Jay and Greg got parked right behind us, and we all started setting up for the week that we will enjoy here at the MO State Fairgrounds. It is ESCAPADE, our first. After setting things up it was off to eat and a trip to Waly-World to buy some sewer hose. I am about 20' short. Who ever laid out the sewer, water, and electric for the CG needs to be fired.

After we returned and the parking crew had quit for the day Marcia and I unhooked the rig and moved it over a couple feet. Now we can have our awning out, and I'm not too concerned about hitting the slide of the rig next to us. I don't think I would do well in a CG where they pack you in like sardines, I like some space between the rigs.

Later we are meeting for a pot luck dinner with the class of 07 and a few more friends we and others have made in our two years of living in the rig.

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