Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The sun didn't go out

The past few days have been very wet, and had me thinking the sun might have burnt up. What a disaster that would be, can you imagine life here on earth without the sun ever shining? I would be devastated!

Today I was glad to see the sunshine again, although this AM was very overcast, by the afternoon the clouds were gone and the sun was back. Roger rode his KLR to visit his mother,(such a sweet kid to visit his mom almost daily), and then we met him for lunch. I just wasn't up to riding the dr 400 Roger's son-in-law offered me to ride, but I was grateful that he offered.

Brenda and Marcia took me to Hobby Lobby so I could look at the RC Planes, but Hobby Lobby in Ft Smith has no RC planes or RC cars. Roger suggested we got to Harbor Freights to look at their selection of RC's, so we did. They have several, but I guess I need and want a little more service and knowledge from the people I buy an RC from.

After I took a long nap we went to Tanks, and really cool BBQ joint close to Rock Island where we are staying. Tom, Lisa, and Amber (Roger and Brenda's Daughter, son-in-law and grand daughter) joined us for dinner, and it was a true pleasure to meet them.

Once we got back to the "pad" Roger and I built a campfire and we all sat around talking for a couple hours. It was good to sit at a campfire with such wonderful people sharing parts of our lives in stories.

Tonight for my midnight snack I will finish off the two Kentucky Pies that Brenda made and we have been enjoying the past couple days. I am almost ready to change my favorite desert from yellow cake with chocolate icing, to this chocolate pie with nuts and whipped cream. (yes it is that good)

Tomorrow we will leave the great hospitality of Roger and Brenda to venture north west to meet up with the Carters for a few days before exploring Kansas for a couple weeks before the Escapade. Thanks a bunch R&B.

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  1. Spend a winter in upstate NY and you'll get a better idea of what the world would be like without sunshine! That's a small part of the reason we don't live there anymore - COLD AND SNOW are the biggest reasons. :-) Looking forward to seeing you in 2 weeks!!!!


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