Monday, May 4, 2009

Visit with rodger and Brenda

We made it to Rodger and Brenda's "pad" which is in OK just outside of Ft Smith AR. They have a small area leveled out on the side of a hill. It is large enough for two rigs without being cramped, and the gazebo, and a fire pit. If the rain stops long enough I'm sure we will enjoy a campfire one evening.

Today after we got parked Brenda fed us chicken salad sandwiches, and were they ever good. Thanks Brenda! Later the girls wanted to try their luck at the local casino so us guys just had to please the ladies and escort them. We won't talk about winning or loosing, we will just say everyone had a good time, and neither of us have to hock our rigs.

Later we had a terrific meal at one of Rodger's favorite Monday Mexican Restaurants. (only because his favorite is closed on Monday) ( I think they might just eat Mexican on Mondays more often.

Maybe we will find time to ride some since Rodger has borrowed a DR400 for me to ride while we are here. Tomorrow we will take a ride to the local Yamaha dealer to see what kind of deals they have this month. :)....

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