Saturday, May 2, 2009

Stormy Weather

We are hunkered down about 10 miles south of Texarkana at Wright Patman Lake. The area is under a tornado warning, but the good thing is we are almost out of TEXAS. Look at the weather map and guess where we are and which way the storm is going.

The site we found yesterday had too much of an incline to it, and to get level in the rig the front wheels was off the ground. I don't like the wheels being off the ground so we moved to a level spot today. I guess some of the locals decided not to come to the lake today. Having to pick a site without looking at it is another reason I despise reservations, how would I know if a site was level if I had never seen it?

We are watching the KENTUCKY DERBY as I post this. Dad loves horses and always wanted to go to the derby, so I think maybe next year we will take him. #8 won, 50 to 1 odds and the second biggest upset in the history of the derby. Mine That Bird is the name of the horse that won. I love it when a long shot comes through.

Tune in tomorrow to see if we survived the storms...

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