Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Hunkered Down in Madison KS

Yesterday we found a beautiful little lake just south of Madison KS. 110 electric for $6 a night, or $2 if you don't take advantage of the electric. We are the only ones here, and there is a reason for that. All the locals are at home waiting out the bad weather. we are too, it just so happens our home is parked in path of the storms.

When we left Tulsa we thought we could get far enough north to avoid the bad weather, and yesterday was really nice. We even saw the sunshine for a few hours. Over night the clouds moved in, and sever thunderstorms are all around us. Tomorrows forecast is much of the same, so we will try to find a window to get a little further north. We also need to fill up the fresh water since we only carry enough for a couple days and didn't know they wouldn't have water here when we found this place.

Oh well everyday is an adventure, and I would rather be waiting on storms here than sitting in the old sticks and bricks back in KY. I will AVOID this part of the country during future springs.

So if you are planning an event and want us to be there make sure it isn't near tornado alley during the spring, or in a hurricane prone area during the fall, and we all already know I don't do COLD.

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  1. That's the right attitude. Some of my favorite times on our trip have been during moments of adversity. One of the best is the night we were stuck in 7 or so inches of mud. I had a blast that night. Its all in how you look at your situation.

    Stay safe!

    P.S. Thanks for linking to my site.



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