Thursday, May 28, 2009

Escapade Ends

Today we had the closing ceremony here at the Escapade. Speeches were made, thank yous were passed out, and prizes were given away. We didn't know any of the prize winners, but they were SKPS.

I spent some of the day watching the tow trucks rack up by towing these big rigs out of the soft ground. It is starting to dry out some, and the predicted sunshine will help tomorrow. I just hope the sun dries the ground around our rig before we try to pull out sometime after noon.

This is just a sample of what everyone at Escapade has had to deal with since the rain that started Tuesday.

Her is a picture of two rigs waiting for the wrecker. They tried but didn't get too far before they sunk up in the soft ground. The wrecker had already pulled several out already, and was pulling another one as I took this picture.

Later 24 of us gathered at Kings Chef Buffet for one last meal together. I think we all ate way too much, but it was pretty good, and they gave us all a 10% discount because we were leaving town and wouldn't be able to use the coupons we would get after we paid for our meals.

Marcia and I drove through the CG before we headed over to play cards with the "gang" and saw a guy in a medium duty truck stuck in the mud. I offered to pull him out with the tracker. We borrowed a tow strap and hooked up to the MDT, the 4 wheel drive didn't lock in at first so I put it in 4 wheel high and pulled him out.

It was priceless hearing the guy say he never dreamed the tracker would pull the 12,500 lb truck out of the mud holes he was in. I was just worried about the strap breaking. The little tracker really does do a good job pulling.

We left the CG and went to the main building where they had music playing and people dancing. We took up several tables and started playing hand and foot with the skip-bo cards. We had three games going, Jay and myself beat Jean and Fay, Greg and Bob beat Molly and Marcia, and Paul and John was beating Connie and Mary-Nan when we left for the night.

Tomorrow we want to get out of here and start back to KY, but it will depend a lot on how much the ground dries tomorrow morning. I really don't want to call our roadside service, but I will if I can't make it out by 2 PM. Maybe I will have to pull the rig out again with the tracker. Time will tell.....

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