Friday, May 29, 2009

Departing Sedalia

We watched the tow trucks this morning pulling rigs out right and left. Around 9:30 several of us met at McDonnalds for a going away breakfast. We met two other couples that went FT in 07 also.

We watched Jay get their rig stuck, Greg pulled out without any problems a couple hours later. About 1:30 we had everything packed up and a crowd had gathered to cheer us on as we attempted to deprive the tow trucks of yet another pull.

We pulled out with out any problems, someone said I did spin the right rear wheels some, but I didn't stop to look back. We hooked the tracker up on the other side of the fairgrounds, and headed east.

Now we are about 20 miles from St Louis at a Cracker Barrel. We will spend the night here and decide which route to take tomorrow morning before we head out....

Marcia took a lot of pictures so "maybe" she will post them on her blog.....

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