Saturday, May 9, 2009

Cold Fronts

Cold fronts are not my friend, when they dip south my bones tell me all about them. Today a front came through this area, even though we were spared the rain, we did have the drop in temperatures. It was a cool day with a fair breeze, not near as bad as the weather forecast.

The Carters made breakfast for us and Fay's sister and husband. It was breakfast burritos, ground up sausage and eggs, a cheesy dip and salsa wrapped in a flour tortilla. They were really good, in spite of thinking burritos for breakfast.

Later in the day two of Fay's sisters and one of her brothers brought their families out to the lake for hot dogs. The girls fixed up all the fixings, and Jay grilled the dogs. There was about 20 here for the cookout, and everyone got their fill of food. (something the class of 07 knows all too well).

It was really good to be around babies, small kids, young adults, and old folks. Full timing we get our share of the old folks in our travels so it is nice to have the younger ones around for a while.

After everyone left Fay Marcia and I drove across town to play bingo. It wasn't a good night at bingo for us, we had a hard time keeping up with the caller. I did get to yell bingo, but found out they didn't count postage stamps in the triple bingo game, so I didn't have the bingo. Lucky for me there were two others that called bingo so I didn't interrupt the game.

Tomorrow being Mothers Day I want to wish all the moms that read this a very happy Mothers day.

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