Monday, May 11, 2009

On the ROAD again

Today we will be leaving Keystone Lake State Park,and the Carters. We have really enjoyed the company of Jay,Fay, and Lulu, but we want these wheels rolling so we can see more of the great country.

Yesterday we walked through the flea market in Tulsa, and then Jay drove us over to Broken Arrow to meet Bill Darnell. Bill owns the country cabin and the property where we stayed when we visited The Carters last year. The Chapman s were there at the same time and we had a mini reunion of the class of 07.

We were undecided about leaving today or tomorrow, but looking at the map I saw a town in Kansas that we have to visit. In PA we went to "Intercourse", now we found "Climax" in Kansas so it became a must do for us.

One of the great things about living in an RV is if you do see a place or thing on TV, or a magazine you can just go there. So we will be headed for "Climax" Kansas today...

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  1. That a little more information than we needed! Wanda & Wallace say hi


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