Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Pretty Weeds in OK

Roger and Brend's "PAD"

Today Roger, (sorry but I was informed today I have been miss spelling Roger's name)(now Microsoft is telling me I am miss spelling it this way, what do I have to do to win?) and Brenda took us on a scenic tour.

We loaded the Explorer with a picnic lunch (thanks Brenda) and then we piled in and were off to see the sights. Roger drove us through some really pretty country and wound up at a very unique place called the Natural Dam. It was settled in the 1800's, a grist mill was built and then a small community was built around the mill.

Here is Roger and Brenda sitting on a natural chair at the natural dam.

Next it was a drive to Devil's Den State Park. As Murphy's Law would have it my camera gave out about the time we left the Natural Dam, so pictures "might" come from Marcia's and Brenda's cameras. (key word is MIGHT) Devil's Den Park is a beautiful place, with a dam built by the C C C years ago. It has layered rocks forming the dam and was re-built after a flood some years ago.

We stopped at the pavilion to enjoy our picnic lunch. The pavilion was built out of logs and rock, the rocks were the base and the logs formed the roof. There was a lot of excellent craftsmanship put into the building of this pavilion. Roger was so let down when Marcia had to point out the bolts holding it together were hidden by plugs in the logs. I can only hope someone got a picture that I can share with everyone later.
They even have turtles here in OK, almost as many as we saw in FL when we went on the canoe trip with several from the "class of 07".

After exploring the park and eating our picnic lunch we piled into the Explorer again and Roger drove us through some more beautiful country to a Ft Smith State Park. This park is new and shows all the beauty of being new. The information Center was very impressive, the CG was very neat with large level sites, and then the boat marina just set it all off. If not for the #30 +or- I would enjoy spending a few weeks lounging around there.
Roger stopped to let us see this huge beaver dam.

Next on our stopping list was shopping, the A to Z discount place is HUGE. It has several LARGE warehouses with almost anything you can think of in them. There was the flower building, the tool building, the gift building, and then across the street was the furniture building, and the sports building. Each building was like a small Wal-Mart, and there was some deals and some things were over priced as in most stores.

After walking through most of the stores it was time to eat again. Tonight we did satisfy our craving for steak at a Western Sizzler. We had not seen a Western Sizzle since the one in Middlesboro went out of business 20 years ago.

When we finished eating we had just enough time to get our daubers before bingo. Marcia and Brenda got our packs and Roger and myself drove back to the rigs to let the dog out and to grab the daubers. Strange games, rain falling on the metal roof of the metal building, and us sitting under a noisy AC unit made it really hard to play.

The caller was talking so fast and she wouldn't get close enough to the mic for her voice to be broadcast of the intercom system that we didn't know what was going on half the time. Even with all the distractions, confusing games, and lousy caller, I still managed to pull out a bingo and won $100.

One of the sights we saw today and something that would help bring the crime rate down was this prisoner out working and not sitting around in a cell enjoying the hospitality of the state.

Thanks Roger ( I got it right) and Brenda for a terrific day.

It has been a VERY LONG day and I am ready to rest up a few days before we head to Tulsa. So we will wait to see what happens tomorrow.....

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