Sunday, May 31, 2009

Back to our Birth Place

Marcia and I were born here in the small town of Middlesboro, we were born on the same day, in the same hospital, and in the same room. (a few years apart) and today we rolled the rig back to where we started breathing air.

Our plans to spend a couple days around Lexington changed where we got there, I thought we were so close and it had been so long since we had seen family that I didn't want to wait a few more days.

Where we got off I-75 in Corbin we started calling, by the time we got to Middlesboro it was all planned to have home made biscuits and gravy at dad's. Jenelle drover over from Knoxville, Corey, Jennifer, and Jaelynn came from Cumberland Gap, and dad Scott and Cindy were there. Little Scott and his wife were there also.

After hugs Marcia and I started cooking, (Corey had to be at work by 7) I made three big pans of home made buttermilk biscuits, and Marcia made a big pan of gravy, eggs, and sausage. When I see people eating biscuits and gravy in restaurants I just think about what they are missing by not having the real home made stuff we make.

After filling up, and cleaning up we sat around enjoying the grand daughter, and all the other family until the mosquitoes took over, then it was time to say :we'll see you later".


  1. Hey it's 10PM and bedtime and you got me all hungry. Tom

  2. Wow, does that sound good...if we come to Raccoon Valley do we get biscuits and gravy too? :)
    Enjoy your family! Hugs and miss you guys!


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