Thursday, May 7, 2009

Keystone Lake State Park near Tulsa OK

We had to leave the great hospitality of Roger and Brenda today, we really enjoyed our time with them, but I need our wheels to be rolling. We drove up to Keystone Lake outside of Tulsa. It is only about 130 miles, but we took the scenic route and avoided going near Tulsa so it turned out to be a lot more miles and a lot longer drive, but that is the beauty of living in a RV.

We were greeted by Jay and Fay, it was really good to see them again. They led us to our site next to them and then they let us do our thing unhooking the tracker and hooking up the rig.

The lake is over full, I guess they have been holding some of the water to keep from flooding out the places below the dam, with all the rain they have had the past few days.

Check out the BBQ grill, anyone for burgers?

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