Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Original CLASS of 2007 LOGO stickers

This was the original logo we chose for the class back when we were talking about selling everything and meeting up in Quartzsite AZ. What fun we would have and all the new friends and classmates we would meet.

While we were in Livingston we were able to spend a lot of time with the TOO CRAZY LADIES and they made a few of these stickers for me. I am giving the ones I have to any of the class mates we run into until I run out.

If you want one all you need to do is see me, or contact the Too Crazy Ladies. Their web site is www.toocrazyladies.com

If you happen to be at the Escapade and I haven't given you one please ask me about them. I'm giving the ones I have to any class mate I see. ( I'm sure the crazy ladies will charge you for them ) but they aren't expensive...

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