Sunday, May 3, 2009

Couldn't Stand the sitting and waiting

Friday AM we left Livingston, drove almost to Texarkana where we were hunkered down waiting out the storms. Sitting in the rig watching the rain fall is not too much fun. Add in the air card only had one bar and it gets worse. So today we went for lunch in Atlanta TX and the rain had stopped, the roads were dry, and if we hurried back we could get out of the CG before checkout time.

We talked about it all the way back to the rig, lets go, no lets wait, no lets go. This went on all the back and the decision to roll was made. (big mistake) We did manage to get out of TX (YEA) but almost as soon as we got into AR the drizzle started. Oh well the damage had already been done, and another wash job is now it the forecast.

We made it to Mena AR before we stopped for the night. Marcia ask if we could spend the night in their parking lot inside Wal-Mart and they said no problem. We did take a squeegee to the rig to get rid of most of the road grime we picked up, so it isn't really too bad now. We will spend the night here, fill up with gas in the morning before heading on over to visit Rodger and Brenda tomorrow.

I really think it is great that the main thing I have to complain about is the weather. Something I have no control of, (don't tell Nora) except I do have wheels under our house so I can drive it to better weather. I remember guys I worked with years ago complained about their wives all the time, and if it wasn't their wife it was their kids, cars, house, or what ever happened to upset them that day.

Life has to be pretty darn good when the weather is all I can complain about.

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