Monday, May 11, 2009

Climax kansas

We made it to Climax KS today, I'm really glad we didn't blink, because I passed it up without blinking. Never fear Charlene showed us a way back, but we encountered one little problem, NO BRIDGE across the creek.

I guess the creek was high due to all the rain, but I wouldn't even consider taking the tracker through that creek. We unhooked the car and I backed the MH out the dirt road for about 1/4 mile.

We stopped in Hamilton KS to eat at the only place we saw. It turned out to be pretty good. They served breakfast all day so I had a biscuit, two eggs, hash browns, and a big slice of ham for $4, Marcia had a chicken strip dinner for $6.50. My kind of prices!

While at the restaurant a guy told us about Madison Lake, (10 miles up the road) where people camped. He didn't have any more information on it, so we figured we would check it out.

Madison Lake is just south of Madison KS,on hwy 99, the lake is over full right now, but it is a beautiful little lake. The camping is free for residents, and $2 a night for non residents without electric, and $4 and $6 with 110 electric. I haven't found a dump station, or water here, (but then I haven't looked) but for $2-$6 a night you could come prepared. They do have a 7 day limit here, I guess that could keep people from homesteading it.

We will hang here for a day or two and scope out the town....

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