Friday, May 1, 2009


Today we left Rainbows End, it was a long 6 weeks for me, but we had committed so we fulfilled the commitment. Now we are in the oldest city in TX. Nacogdoches. This is the first Kroger Store we found and Marcia loves her Kroger Stores.

We know better than shopping for food on empty stomachs so we had lunch at this wonderful Mexican restaurant. It is a little on the pricey side, but the portions are huge and we split a lunch plate and still left food on the plate.

We were talking about eating and we both thought about a good steak, (there is not a good steak place near Livingston) and we both thought about the steaks Walt and Donna prepared for us back in FL. They were TERRIFIC, thanks again Walt and Donna.

Walt and Donna were the first RVing couple we really met. We met at the LOW in Bowlingreen KY back in May of 2007. We had kept in contact over the years and they came to visit Sumter Oaks when we were there last year. They also invited us to spend the night with them in their house when we went to Tampa for the big RV show. We did and were treated like royalty, we really enjoyed the visit and hope to see them on the road when they start traveling more.

Now when Bob and Molly found out we were going to visit Fay and Jay Carter back in the summer, Bob told me to make sure Jay did up one of those steaks he does. I don't know how good it was but Bob was impressed, so I'm thinking when we see them next week we will have to satisfy our hunger for steaks.

We will be rolling again soon because Marcia is throwing things into the RV, I guess she is finished shopping and I had better help her unload the cart.

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