Sunday, May 24, 2009

ESCAPADE # 49 May 2009

We are parked on the main road where all the rigs pass by to register, so we can see them all as they come in. Today we watched several come in before we walked over to "check" things out.

Our first stop was the Hospitality House where they serve free coffee every morning. You can get donuts for a "minimum donation", suggested .50 cents, and hot chocolate for .25 cents. I think they discriminate against us non coffee drinkers, but hey that is just the way it is.

Then there is the inside market where most of the vendors are set up. You can find almost anything in there for an RV unless your looking for an antenna. I was really hoping the 3-G Store, or the other guy was set up, I was wanting to buy a few antennas, one for the digital TV's, one for the Verizon Air Card, and a CB antenna. I think we need the CB antenna to find out information about traffic, and it comes in handy if two or more rigs are following each other.

Then there was "the row" where each chapter had a display, each co-op had a booth, and the certified BOF's had a booth. They have a bingo game going where you need to go to each place and get your card stamped. Once the card is full you turn it in and they have daily drawings for prizes.

Out side our good friends Red and Beth, or better known as "The Too Crazy Ladies" are set up.

And then there is the FAMOUS NICK RUSSELL set up next to the road. I like Nick's better half Terry,a whole lot more than Nick, but I guess I have to deal with Nick to get close to Terry. They have the Gypsy Journal News Paper, and hold rallies each year. One rally in the fall in Celina Ohio, and one in the spring in Yuma AZ.

Next we have CHEF BOB, a guy selling pots and pans. We met chef Bob in Dec 2007 out in the middle of the desert when we camped two weeks with the Escapee Boondockers. Chef Bob does some really good cooking, and hanging around the boondockers you learn so much helpful stuff. I think they are great bunch of people and I really enjoy hanging around with them.

Today they did the opening ceremonies, and tonight they will be giving away door prizes. We really like door prizes, mainly because they are free....

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  1. Thanks for all the photos and info on the Escapade. It is really nice for those of us not able to attend ourselves. Bobbie


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