Monday, May 25, 2009

Rainy Monday

Today being Memorial Day I want to thank each and every vet, and the families that deal with having loved ones that have served, will serve, or are serving. Without the Armed Forces where would this country be? We will never forget the sacrifice many young men and women have made serving this country, the ones that gave all, the ones that have been scared forever, and the ones that served without injuries.


Back to the Escapade, it started raining around 5 AM, and has rained almost all day. The forecast calls for more rain tomorrow and Wednesday. I just hope it drains well and dries out enough by Friday for all these rigs to get out of here without having to get the tow trucks out.

Sorry no pictures today, it was a busy day and the rain discouraged me from even getting the camera out. They have lots of classes for almost any subject you want. Marcia and I went to a "Honey lets clean the RV" class today. The instructor was selling micro cloths, and she was emphasizing on NOT using soap to wash the rig.

I guess the micro fiber cloth does what the soap does. I had to leave the class early because the rain has done something to my sinuses, and I am having a hard time breathing. I have tried several decongestants but nothing seems to be helping. I have one more thing to try tonight and I hope it helps, if not I will suffer through until the weather changes.

Tomorrow I will try to have some more pictures to post, (they may be wet pictures).

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