Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Tuesday at Escapade

The Escapees have set up for vans to shuttle people from the CG area to the classes area, all you have to do is flag down one of the marked vans with their flashing lights and the driver will stop and let you in. They will take you anywhere you want to go on the fairgrounds.

Our own Jay Carter volunteered to be one of the van drivers.

I got up way too early Tuesday morning so I thought I would walk around and try to get a few pictures to share.

I climbed to the top of the grandstands to get as high as I could to try to get a picture of the mass of rv's that are here and the size of this fairgrounds.
This picture shows the area of the fairgrounds where the Escapade Staff are parked.

The attendees are parked across the street in the distance of this next photo.
The weather is not cooperating today, but hey we are in MO in May.

With all the rain some people had trouble with these large pickup trucks getting stuck in the mud. I used the tracker to pull several trucks back onto the road so the roadside services wouldn't be overwhelmed. We may need them Friday to pull all the rigs out of the mud, but maybe it will dry out in the next couple days.

There has been so much rain in this area this spring that the 2+ inches we got last night caused things to be very soggy.

Bob and Molly are in charge of the "Costumer Relations" here at Escapade, they have to deal with all kinds of problems. They also are in charge of several golf carts used to shuttle people around the fairgrounds. They have a lot of volunteers, and several from the class of 07 have volunteered to help them out by riding around in these golf carts.

Here is Marcia in her golf cart, as you can tell she is doing what she does very well, talking! Tom and Paula visit with Marcia for a few after she had dropped off a couple passengers.

Greg is a another class member to help out driving golf carts around assisting Escapade attendees with the task of getting from one place to the other.

At Escapade you can participate as much or as little as you want. There are always volunteer positions open for almost anything you want to do, there are classes going on all day, there are escapees waiting around to talk to you about their areas of the USA, and you can always browse the market area for the RV "stuff" you have been looking for. So you can sit in your rig, or you can enjoy the Escapade.

Later I will report on the potato bake we had Tuesday night, I'll even post pictures of everyone there.....

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