Thursday, May 21, 2009

Good Friends and Bad News

Today was a very mixed day, it started out with me having a bad night last night. Tossing and turning, getting up too many times, but by 7 AM I was out taking advantage of no wind. Yes I was out flying my plane before 7 AM, I had a good flight and ran the battery almost completely down.

Before the battery recharged the wind had started so I went back to bed to try for a couple more hours of lost sleep. Jay and Fay arrived while I was sleeping and got all set up. Later Greg and Jean arrived while Fay and Marcia was making a Wal-Mart run. It was really good to see everyone here with us again, and I knew good times were on the way.

A phone call from dad put a damper on the whole day, my brother Scott had wrecked his motorcycle AGAIN. He was being flown to Knoxville with a broken leg. Later we found out he broke the femur in his left leg above the knee. (last time it was below the knee) He was in surgery until about 9PM, they fixed his leg, but he also broke his pelvic and hip, they will work on them tomorrow.

With the bad news I was glad we had friends coming over to eat supper later. Jay, Fay, Greg, Jean, Beth, and Red were all coming. The Too Crazy Ladies had also arrived at the fairgrounds. Marcia made a chicken salad that we had while visiting Roger and Brenda down in Rock Island OK.

We all ate good, and if anyone left hungry it was their fault. Marcia did a great job with the receipt Brenda had given her. Paul and Connie stopped by to visit with everyone, and just after they left, (they were beat from working on the parking crew today) Bob and Molly stopped by and they had Keith and Donna with them. They had met Keith and Donna somewhere and had visited them last month. Now we got the pleasure of meet them.

Everyone had an enjoyable evening and Greg and Jay helped me put things away before we turned in for the night so we can get an early start tomorrow when we move from the fairgrounds area for public camping to the area where the Escapade will be going on.

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