Saturday, August 8, 2009

12 hour work days

Back in the day when I worked I often did 12 hour days, and sometimes it was seven days a week, but I haven't worked at a job in several years. Today turned out to be worse than any of the 12 hour days I used to work.

It started off pretty good, I woke up around 8:23 and thought really hard about getting up and going to the clubhouse for the Saturday morning breakfast, but quickly decided to stay in bed. (it was a late night last night) The allergy medicine I take makes me really sleepy, and I needed the extra sleep anyway so it was around 10 AM before I crawled out of bed.

Knowing we had a busy day planned we were all ready to roll around 11 AM. I had gathered enough tools to re-assemble the swing set, Marcia had packed us a cooler, and we were off. Today being Saturday and Jenelle having an almost empty house we had to hit a few yard sales on the way to Tazewell to check on Jenelle's car that is having the motor rebuilt.

Jerry had already closed his shop by the time we got there so we went to his house to get the verdict on the car.(a few more days) While there we visited with my Aunt Thelma and her daughter Vivian. Thelma has dementia and has a hard time remembering at times. I am really thankful she wasn't having a spell today while we were there.

After our visit it was time to re-assemble the swing set we hauled to Corey's earlier this week. The 90 degree weather, and the high humidity made a simple task a challenging job. Marcia, Corey, Jenelle and myself worked hard digging the foundation for the swing set. Once we had the blocks laid out and leveled it was an easy task re-assembling the slide, rock wall, and the swings. Now I will have to find a day to take the pressure washer to Corey's and give the swing a good cleaning.

We then took off to dads to load a few things that we had stored at dads. Marcia's curio cabinet, her china buffet, and the cedar chest full of quilts where the main things Jenelle will be "keeping" for us. Dad gave her a kitchen table that used to belong to my grandmother. There was also a few boxes of "stuff" that Marcia wants to keep that we will be storing in Jenelle's attic. Since she doesn't have anything to store in her attic I thought it would be good for us to loan her a few boxes to put up there.

At 6PM we left dads with the trailer loaded down, and since Corey had to be at work by 7 we thought we would grab a quick meal at Wendy's. Thought being the key word, we had the worst service tonight than I have ever had at a Wendy's. Marcia is going to call and complain about it, and you all know for Marcia to want to call and complain it had to be really bad.

Corey left going north to Pineville KY where he works, and we headed south to Halls where Jenelle's new house is. It was a slow long drive because I had already done more than I wanted to or should have. (I'll pay for it tomorrow) We did make it, and once there we unloaded the trailer. Most of the "stuff" was set off the trailer and left in the garage.

Jennifer stopped by to see Jenelle's house, and she had Justin and Jaelynn with her. She had been shopping today in Knoxville, and she has a lot more desire and gumption than I do. This weekend is "NO TAX" weekend in TN. Another words all the stores are PACKED, and she was shopping with Jaelynn and Justin.

It was after 10 when Marcia and I got back to the rig, thus making it the hardest 12 hour day that I have had in many years.

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