Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Getting back to normal

Today we started getting things back to normal. Our daughter Jenelle has had a lot going on these past few weeks, she bought, (had built) a new house, and her car blew the engine. (long story) So she was driving her old car the Saturn until Friday when it quit running, so we loaned her the tracker until the engine was rebuilt in her Malibu, and we were driving Corey's truck. (so we could help her move)

Sunday Corey and Jennifer were kind enough to bring us their sentra to use and took the truck, mainly because I didn't want to ride in that truck all the way to Lexington. Today our cousin Jerry called to let us know the Malibu was ready. Jenelle and myself went to pick it up and to return the sentra.

Now we have our tracker, Jenelle has her Malibu, and Corey and Jennifer have all their cars back. Jenelle has everything she owns moved into her new house, and we are almost finished with our commitment here at Raccoon Valley RV Park, so things are almost back to normal.

Normal being very unusual to the typical American family, we will riding around the country in our RV looking for the sights we want to see, and the weather we like to enjoy. We won't know where we will be spending tomorrow night, because that will depend on which way we turn at the red light, but we will be together and we will sleep in our own bed each night, even though we won't know which town we will be in until we get ready for bed.

Living in a RV makes for a lot of interesting nights....

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