Saturday, August 22, 2009


D-area in Energy Lake Camp Ground in Land Between the Lakes National recreation Area is where we have the rig parked. Here is a picture I took this AM.

We have the first, or last site in D-area, it boarders the woods outside our door so we might get a glimps of some wild animal off in the woods. Today we counted 5 camp sites in use in D-area, two can be seen from our rig, and two are off over the hill so we can't see them, and we are the fifth. That makes it really quiet and peaceful for us.

Marcia found a BBQ festival close by so we drove over to enjoy some BBQ. Last week Gary and Karen told us about several BBQ places they have seen and always ask if the meat was smoked, or just a lot of sauce. The meat here was smoked, and the aroma told us it was good. (except the one guy that was pouring gallons of water on his to drown the fire that had taken over)

This was the guy with the fire, but I'm sure all that got too done was for him to sell and not what he sent to be judged.

This was a competition BBQ cook-off sponsored by Early Times whiskey, and the American Bass Anglers Association. A few of the ones that were entered in the contest were selling their BBQ.

We didn't stay long enough to see who, or which team won the cook-off, but we did stick around long enough to get a BBQ plate from one of the contestants. We went way too early because we had to wait for someone to start selling BBQ, and the bands didn't start until later.

I was feeling the cold front that was moving into the area so Marcia drove us back to the rig where I took a long nap while she went to see the animals at the nature center.

After she returned and I woke up from my nap we cooked some supper before we took off to the Elk and Bison Prairie. It is a large fenced in area with 31 elk and 53 + or - Bison with a three mile paved path for you to drive around on. We made two trips around before we spotted a few turkeys.

Then we spotted this huge Elk, we didn't have to worry about it running into the car or anything like that because it was a couple hundred yards off the blacktop path that we were on.

On around to the other side of the area we spotted these cow elk and a couple with babies. They all started coming out about 6:30 or 7PM, After the second trip around I was wandering if we were going to see anything. I even told Marcia we would be lucky to get a glimps of cow elk. I was sure surprised to see the huge bulls we saw.

At 8PM they were having a show about the universe at the planetarium, so we went to see what it was all about. The show was about things they are seeing in the so called "black Hole" in our solar system. I am NOT at all interested in astrology, so I fought myself to keep from falling asleep during the program, and I was really happy when Marcia said we didn't have to stick around to look through the telescope. Even though I did try to see that swan in the sky they kept talking about, I think there are enough stars out there that anyone can make whatever they want to make as far as an outline using the stars.

Tomorrow we plan on checking out the "working farm". The brochure says they do everything like they did back in the 1800's.....

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