Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Wappapello Lake

We are at Wappapello Lake, a very nice COE park, full hook-ups. I spent most of the day in bed nursing a bad back. We did manage to get out this afternoon and drive the tracker into Popular Bluff.

We found a Chinese Buffet that you could order off the menu too. Marcia had the buffet, and I ordered Broccoli Chicken. It was all pretty good, not the best by far, but also no where near the worst we have ever had.

I brought 2/3 of mine back to the rig, so now we have lunch for another day. We stopped at big lots so I could get some tape. I am going to build a box to carry my plane in after I assemble it. The original box won't be big enough after I attach the rear wings, the front wings will come off while it is storage.

I put a post on the Escapees Forum about the trouble I have had with our roof, and the neglect we have gotten from the insurance adjuster. Several people replied suggesting I do this and that, but I really wanted someone from Foremost to read the post and respond.

Randy replied the next morning, he sells for Foremost and monitors the Escapees forum. He ask me to send him some information about the claim and said he would try to help resolve our problem. I sent him the information yesterday, and I got a call from the branch claims supervisor that afternoon, but I wasn't able to take the call so he left a message.

This AM I received an E-Mail from Joey, (the supervisor) so I returned his call. As most things goes, he wasn't available to take the call, so now I'm thinking we will be playing phone tag for a while. To my surprise he returned the call and I was able to talk with him.

It has been set up for us to take the rig to Smithville MO just north of Kansas City MO to have the roof inspected Monday morning. Joey has taken over as the adjuster so I will be dealing directly with him. He was very helpful today getting an appointment, and gave me several choices as to where to take it depending on where we would be.

So we won't be going to the SKP Park in Branson like we had talked about, and we may delay the trip to Tucson until Oct. sometime....

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