Friday, August 21, 2009

Land Between the Lakes

Last night we spent the night at Camping World in Bowling Green Ky. I remember why I like parks now, we had to listen to big trucks running up and down I-65 ALL NIGHT LONG. It turned out to be a very sleepless night, every time I rolled over a dozen more trucks went by. The bright side was Camping World had FREE donuts and coffee this AM.

I also found some dicor lap sealant for $5.88 a tube, and that was $2 cheaper than the last tube I bought, and over $4 a tube cheaper than the RV store near Livingston TX. So the sleepless night did save us a few $$.

Today we drove the 100+ miles to LBL, Land Between the Lakes in KY is a very interesting place. The visitors center, (off 68) also doubles as an observatory.

We got all the information from there to guide us through the day, and to find a nice site. There are several campgrounds here at LBL, and we chose Energy Lake CG. We were almost the only ones here when we arrived, and only a few have came since then. I guess camping numbers are way down.

After we got set up we drove around and looked at some of the other campgrounds to see if we might want to move in a day or so. After looking I think we will stay right here because we are on a blacktop site, we have very few neighbors around, and we are in the center of everything. The CG north of here has over 300 sites and is nice, but I am happy being where there are only a few campers.

We saw 4 turkeys while riding around in the tracker, I guess we scared them because the flew off. If you have never seen a turkey fly you are missing a real treat. We also saw a bunch of deer, some had spots, and others were white tail deer as most of us know deer. I'm really not sure what kind the spotted ones are, I'll have to ask tomorrow.

We returned to the visitors center around 6PM to see a laser show they are trying out. From the success tonight and the fact that all online reservations for the laser shows has been sold out I think next year they will be doing them a lot more often. We really enjoyed the show tonight, it is amazing to see what they can do with lights.

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