Monday, August 3, 2009

A trip to Lexington

We drove up to Lexington Kentucky today, and I must say the drive up I-75 from Heiskell to Lexington is a very scenic drive as far as interstate drives go.

Most of the fog had lifted by the time we got started, but there were a few patches of dense fog blanketed amongst the mountains.

We arrived in Lexington well before my 5:30 PM appointment so we made a few stops. Sams Club was our first stop, we have found Sams Club has the best price on powered Gatorade, and my brother is hooked on Sams Club Pecan Pies. We also found a collapsible table to use in the rig until we can find the right one.

Next was Wal-Mart to pick up a few things while we were in KY to save us from paying the outrageous 9.25% TN sales tax. One of the items was a new deck of Skip-Bo cards since we are using our deck a lot here.

Once I checked in at the X-Ray department and they gave me a horrible tasting bananna flavored milkshake, it was down to the store at the VA Hospital where we enjoy 0 sales tax, I just wish they had a larger selection of items to choose from.

Sitting and waiting on my name to be called is no fun, and I really dislike waiting and having to sit, after all we had drove about 175 miles already so my sitter was already tired. The X-ray department at the VA in Lexington is pretty good about getting you in, We arrived at 3:15, and they couldn't do anything for one hour after I drank my shake, and we was finished and back on the road headed home before 5:30 when my appointment had been scheduled.

We enjoyed the fog lifting in the mountains on the way up and the sunset on the way back home. It really was a pretty good day, and we didn't get one rain drop all day long.....

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