Tuesday, August 11, 2009


YEA it was moving day today, but not the moving I wanted. We moved Jenelle's "STUFF" out of her apartment into her new house. With that task completed we are that much closer to moving the rig out of here.

Marcia has a few mores days to tend the office here at Raccoon Valley RV Park, Wednesday afternoon, All day Thursday, and all day Friday, and then we are FREE to roam again. We will probably hang out here for a few days before we try out the new Koni Shocks I wasted so much money on, (no way they are good enough to justify the money they cost) and the new Michelin tires we had put on back in Sedalia.

We have enjoyed the new heat pump we installed last month here, and hope it comes in handy on down the road. Not having to buy gas, or pay camping fees while we were here helped out with all the $$ we spent on the shocks, tires, and heat pump, but it is about time we get these wheels rolling and put some more miles on the rig.

I'm really not happy with the way things have gone at dad's the past few months, but all I can do is offer to help. We will be saying our good-byes soon and moving on, we may wind up back in Texas to get the roof re-done because they did a lousy job on it last year. ( depends on what the insurance company has to say).

So now I will spend the next few days getting things ready to roll.... ( I could do that in less than an hour)....

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