Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Today started out pretty good, we had clear skies for the most part, and the temperatures were fantastic.
We left the Park headed to pick up a swingset for Miss Jaelynn, as we left the park I had to snap a picture of the damage one RVer caused when their rig "got away from them".

As we drove HWY 170 we spotted these wild turkeys feeding in a field.

Heree are the same turkeys taking advantage of the zoom on my camera.

As we crossed Norris Lake on HWY 33 I had to stop and snap a couple pictures, because I said I would post more pictures.

After we left the bridge we stopped at Brogan's Market to grab some of their TERRIFIC hot dogs and a bag of chips.
Then we drove over to the boat launch to enjoy the scenery while we enjoyed the dogs.

Then we drove on over to visit with dad and Scott while I waited on Corey. Once Corey arrived at dads we hooked up the trailer and headed off to Corbin to disassemble a swingset and haul it back to Corey's.
On the way to Corbin we encountered hail, rain, and lightening. Corey's truck got a few battle scars to remember the trip by. The rain and wet roads ended a few miles north of Barborsville.
We got the swingset disassembled and loaded on the trailer just minuets before the storm hit Corbin. It rained all the way back to Middlesboro, I am really sick of all the rain.
Here is a few pictures of the swingset, notice it is still on the trailer. We will unload it one day when it is DRY.

It came with a rock climbing wall.

Now I saved the best picture for last, here is Marcia holding the HAM. She is NOT camera shy at all.

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