Sunday, August 30, 2009

Smithville MO

We left Clinton this AM and drove up to Smithville where they will check out our roof tomorrow AM. we arrived around 2PM so we unhooked the tracker and went to check out the lake, and the campgrounds.

Clay county runs several of the campgrounds on Smithville Lake and they do NOT honor the Golden Access Pass. We pulled up to one of the check-in booths and ask a few questions, the person manning the booth was very quick to point out their sign says they do NOT honor the pass. I had to tell her I hadn't got that far reading when she popped her head out the window asking to help me.

We ask to drive around to check out the park, mainly to see if we wanted to stay there this week if we have to take the rig back next week to have the work done. She told us we would have to have a car pass to enter and the pass would be $5. I told thanks, but no thanks, and that she had made that decision for us already.

We then drove over to the one CG that is run by the City of Smithville and were treated really well. Even though they don't honor the Golden Access Pass either we will stay there this week unless we venture over into Kansas. I really enjoyed our time in Kansas a few months ago, so we may have to explore a little more of Kansas...

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  1. Wish we were gonna be home if you guys came over to Kansas. But instead, I guess we will be in Amarillo visiting the kids. You guys take care and be safe.

    Mac and Netters


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