Friday, August 7, 2009

A grand evening with friends and the MARGARATOR

Today was really a pleasant day, the weather was nice and I had nothing to do except what I wanted to do. (I like days like that).

With Jenelle having two cars broken down at the same time I gave her the tracker to drive today so she could get to work and to sign the papers on her new house. She brought us pizza in return for running out all the gas in the tracker.

I didn't do hardly anything today, worked on the puzzle in the clubhouse, cleaned out a couple storage compartments, and got things ready for a gathering here at the rig tonight.

Barry and Alice, John and Carrol, David and Betty Lee, and Jenelle gathered at our rig and we sat around talking and drinking Margaritas. It was a real pleasure to spend an evening sitting around the campfire talking,(the campfire was two citronella candles to keep the bugs away) and I'm pretty sure everyone enjoyed the evening. Marilynn even stopped by to sip on a Margarita.

I just hope our next door neighbor wasn,t disturbed too much ....


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