Thursday, August 6, 2009


Today our daughter Jenelle did a walk through on her new house. I'm VERY proud of her, she is single, 22, starting college this month, (she has some credits from college in NY) and tomorrow she signs the papers on her new house.

Jenelle moved to Knoxville in Aug of 2008 from St Island NY where she has been since she was 5 years old. She moved here with no job, or no place to live, and not knowing anyone in Knoxville. She did have Marcia and myself here at Raccoon Valley for about three weeks last year, and most of our family lives about 60+ or- miles from here in Middlesboro KY.

Within two weeks she had a job as a secretary at a day care, and an apartment near I-640 and I-40. We did helped her get moved in before we left the area chasing the 70's. When we returned in June of 09 she told us she was having a house built, and she would be returning to college in Aug at the University of Tennessee. She has worked several jobs in addition to her job at the day care. Now she is working at the day care only, and tomorrow she signs for the house.

We did a walk through with her, the Realtor, and the builder, today. We found several things they will have to patch, re-paint, and re-do but I guess that is a normal process. Now as soon as she gets moved in we will be hitting the road again chasing the 70's, (and hopefully some DRY weather).

I am really proud of her...


  1. You guys have a lot to be proud of. When you see your kids makeing it on their own and doing the right things, it is really satisfying. With that said--I'm sure "hitch itch" has set in pretty bad. Good luck with your travels and stay safe.

    Mac and Netters

  2. Way to go go find the closest Hardware Store and make good friends with someone there that knows a lot of stuff !!! lol......congrats!!! Oh one last thing...where are Joe and Marcia gonna park that motorhome!?!

  3. Thanks! The builder will actually be on site for a while, but that is a plan! They can park in the cul-de-sac until the other houses are built, then if the neighbors dont mind their driveway blocked....


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