Thursday, August 13, 2009


Today Marcia was doing her time in the office while I tried to tie up some loose ends. I did the few things around the rig, and then went to fix the Saturn for Nellie. The shop she took it to wanted over $100 to change the ECT sensor, so I figured I would have a hard time changing it. The ECT Engine Coolant Temperature sensor is a $10 part at AutoZone, and it screws into the head just below where the upper radiator hose goes into the head. It took me a total of three minuets, and that included wrapping the threads with Teflon tape.

These shops really RIP YOU OFF. They wanted $49 to change 4 spark plugs, and $7 a plug. We bought them for $2 each and it took me less than 10 minuets to remove the old ones and put the new ones in. Although I did spend more than two hours waiting on Jenelle to get home to open the garage door.

I got back to the rig around 5:45 and Marcia had hot dogs waiting. She started telling me about her day, it was a busy day, (she likes it when she stays busy all day) and there was only two empty sites here at Raccoon Valley. We ate and then started to walk around the park when we saw another 5er pulling into one of the open sites. Raccoon Valley has one open site and several in the boondocking area. (there is more boondocking sites available)

Tomorrow will be Marcia's last day putting in her time here, and after tomorrow we/she is not scheduled to work anymore for the Escapees. Since we don't really know where we will be headed we are not looking for her an assignment. Who knows we may wind up near a Rainbow Park, and if they need help there we may help out.

I will really be happy to get back into V A C A T I O N mode again....

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