Sunday, August 16, 2009

Our LAST day at Raccoon Valley

Today will be our last day here for awhile, tomorrow we head north to Cumberland Gap National Park. This AM we did nothing until around noon when we took Gary and Karen to 5 Guys Burgers and Fries for lunch. I think it is a new chain restaurant here with pretty good burgers, awesome homemade fries and free peanuts while you wait.

After we ate we headed to Sams Club, and on the way we just happened to drive by the UFO landing area that we have seen a few times before in this area of TN. IT WAS THERE so I snapped a picture of it. For some reason it came out blurry, (I wander if it was because they have some kind of interference with cameras?

I will be going back to see if I was right when I thought I saw some blue people walking around it the other day.

We made it to Sams without being abducted and did our shopping. we bought several packs of those big juicy steaks like we bought a few weeks ago. We grilled them like Walt did down in FL and they were almost as good as the ones Walt grilled for us in FL.

Tomorrow night we will be grilling steaks in CGNP.....

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