Friday, August 28, 2009

Harry S Truman Reservoir

I don't remember him, I didn't know him personally, but someone liked him enough to name a Lake after him, and we are in one of the campgrounds on the lake. We pulled in this morning and found we could choose almost any site we wanted. The CG is all but empty. A few campers have filtered in today, but not many at all.

Yesterday I talked to the guys at Garmin about Charlene, I was really glad that I didn't toss her into file 13. The guy at Garmin walked me through a couple possible fixes, but they turned out to be of no help. He did say he wasn't going to worry about the couple months Charlene has been out of warranty, and for me to send her in and they would fix it. Now how cool is that?

Once we got set up here at Sparrowfoot CG Marcia took Charlene for a ride to the post office. I took a nice nap while she was gone, and now that we have finished supper I'm thinking I might just crawl back into the bed......

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