Thursday, August 20, 2009

Central Time Zone

We left the Middlesboro area today, saying good-bye to Corey and Miss Jaelynn was the last thing we did. They stopped by for lunch, so Marcia mad us pancakes, (one of Corey's favorites).

We waited for the rain to stop before we left, so we got a late start. At 1:45 PM we rolled out of the Krogers Parking lot with full gas tanks, and loaded down with Krogers Diet B-K pop.

We took 25 E to I-75 to hwy 80. On 80 we ran into rain again near Russell Springs so we stopped there and waited out the rain. We did supper while we waited, a meat lovers pizza from Little Caesars.

We stopped for the night at Camping world in Bowling Green KY, and when we walked to the door the sign said closed at 7PM, and it was 7:40 on my watch. We walked over to see if a couple loading a trailer needed any help when we watched a couple people walk into the store. That is when I realized we we now in Central Time Zone.

Tomorrow we will drive to Land Between The Lakes....

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  1. Hi Sweetie, I sure am glad that we are doing what we are doing. Thank you for asking me to go full timing. I love you very much!!


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