Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Cookout last night went well

Last night we had Corey and Jennifer over for a cookout, we did the steaks but they didn't turn out near as good as the last ones. I guess I had too many on our little grill. Oh well they were still good, and better than you can get in most restaurants.

Dad also came over and enjoyed the outdoors with us. Marcia did up some twice baked potatoes like the ones Molly made and they were terrific. Jennifer brought the best cheese cake, and left what wasn't eaten with me. Yea!!!!

Miss Jaelynn was her terrific self as usual. She entertained us most of the night.
Here she is blowing us kisses.

Here she is telling us something, and using her hands and arms to describe it all.

Dad is looking a lot better since his stay in the hospital a few weeks ago.

Here is Miss Jaelynn riding in her little push me car.

Today we did a lot of running around, and I got a few things for the rig. Two pieces of Plexiglas for the shelves in the refrigerator. I hate setting things on the wire racks and watching them fall over as I start to close the door, now when I set something there it will sit on the Plexiglas. I also picked up a piece to cover our map to keep the stickers from peeling off.

We also, (or Marcia) kept Jaelynn today while Corey and Jenelle went to the lake with the wave runners. When they came back from the lake we went to Palancho's for a Mexican dinner. Palancho's used to be our favorite Mexican joint here in Middlesboro, but the last couple time we have been have been very disappointing.

The wait time has gotten ridiculous, the last time there was a large party in the back room that had just ordered as we arrived, but tonight they were just slow. So all the times I have recommended Palancho's if your passing through Middlesboro, I must now say you are taking a chance. Maybe you will catch them on a good day, or maybe you won't. (take the chance if you want to) they still have the best salsa in town.

Tomorrow we will tie up all the loose ends so we can leave the area on Thursday AM....

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