Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Love them COE parks

We left the quiet, peaceful, and secluded area of Energy Lake CG today are drove west. We stopped off in Paducah KY to replace Charlene with her baby sister Marlene. Charlene got quite cantankerous and wouldn't respond to our touch, so we adopted her little sister at Best Buy.

The guy that helped us at Best Buy was very helpful, he told us about a recall on Garmin GPS's because of them freezing up. We will check Charlene out to see if she might be covered with the recall. After making a few wrong turns I knew we wouldn't be without a GPS very long.

Marlene directed us to a COE park near Wappapello Lake in S E MO. We stopped at the visitors center to find out which CG would be best for us, and to see what they had there. We saw a nice art exhibit, and several stuffed animals from the local area. That timber rattler was HUGE.

We chose Redman Creek CG, as we drove through looking for sites that were NON RESERVABLE, we found one that wasn't reserved until 9-4-09. We don't really plan on staying that long here so we took it. Marcia did the jacks, and the slide as I was doing the electric and other stuff. Well I learned a new lesson today, check the electric before you set up. The 50 amp breaker was shorting out inside the box so we wound up moving to another site.

Marcia went to the camp hosts to report the bad breaker, and they contacted the ranger on duty. He came over to the site to check it out, I'm sure they get all kinds and wanted to make sure I had it plugged in right, he said he would get the fixer guy to fix it tomorrow.

We already had the tracker unhooked so we took it to look at the other CG and the other part of this CG that is across the road. They have some really nice sites at both CG's, but getting satellite can be tricky at any of the sites. We didn't find ANY NON RESERVEABLE site that we liked as well as the sites in the first CG so we just took one that isn't reserved until 9-4-09.

The camp hosts stopped by to check on us, and when I mentioned that Marcia was a host for the Escapees his eyes lit up. He ask several questions and we answered them. Marcia gave them a copy of Nick's news paper, an escapees Magazine, and the pamphlet the Escapees had out so they can do some reading. They told us this was their first year camp hosting and that they were thinking about going FT.

After they left we got the rig set up and Marcia cooked up some left-overs. We ate and then I started trying to set up the satellite. Daylight expired before I got it set up, so now I will have something to do tomorrow. We really don't know how long we will be here, but one thing is for sure. We will be sleeping in OUR BED tonight....

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