Saturday, August 15, 2009


Today was an interesting day, it started off around 2:30 AM when I crawled out of bed. I knew for some reason it was going to be one of those nights. When I tried to fall asleep all I could think about was how dirty our roof has gotten in the last three weeks. It is terrible and I lay awake thinking about getting up around 7 to wash it.

After about twenty minuets I decided I should get up and try to get really sleepy before trying to fall asleep again. Well at 2:56 AM our neighbors next to us decided to return to the park. They have had their rig out of the park the past few nights getting repairs done to it. Imagine having someone try to back a 5er in next to you at 3 in the AM. I'm just glad I was already awake.

I did manage to get back to sleep a few hours later, but I missed my 7AM calling by the roof by a couple hours. After I got the roof cleaned I decided to wash the rest of the rig, and I got it all done except the back and drivers side. The sun was shining on those two so I waited until after the sun went down to wash them.

Gary and Karen had called to check on site availability so we knew they were coming. Marcia called them around noon to see when they would be getting here. Chief Neon said their GPS said they would arrive at 1PM. We started wandering where they were at 1:30, and decided they had run into some kind of trouble when they weren't here at 1:50.

Well at 2 PM, (1PM central time) they pulled in. It was really good to see them again. We had not seen them since we left them sitting in the desert in Q back in Jan of 08. We got our hugs, and then left them to set up their rig. It is always a good ideal to say your hi's and then leave the arriving campers to set up their rig without causing any distractions.

After they got all set up they came to our rig and we sat and talked for a couple hours before going to our favorite little Mexican restaurant in Powell. We all enjoyed a good meal while we talked about where we all have been and where we will be going. It is really neat to meet up with friends we have met on the road.

Later I had finish washing the rig, it was dark when I finished so I'm really hoping I didn't miss too much and that I don't have to re-wash it tomorrow....

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