Monday, August 10, 2009

Another trip to Lexington

Today we made another trip to Lexington for my colonoscopy, not a test I want to take, but the DR says I need it at least every 5 years. The prep is a lot worse than the test, but it is better now than it was the last time I took it. 6-7 years ago I had to not eat any solid foods for 3 (three) days, drink the nasty solution along with the laxatives. This year it was two days without solid food, (I cheated some) andthe nasty solution.

The test went well, I was able to get off the table and walk out of the office, where as the last time I was so doped up they had to wheel me out to the car and I slept for about 15 hours after they let me out. They did find one polyp and the DR removed it, now we wait a week to see if it was good or bad.

Tonight when we got back to the rig we were pleasantly surprised to see Niel and Sue had made it back from TX, and his tests all was good. Then our friends Walt and Donna called with great news, they will becoming full timers within the next couple months. they are starting the process of down sizing from a large house to a nice Allegro Bus. We hope we meet up with them really soon.

Tomorrow we will be helping Jenelle move her things from the apartment to her new house....

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