Friday, August 14, 2009


Marcia just finished her commitment with he Escapees V Club, Y E A ! ! ! !

Today she "worked" and I did what I do best, NOTHING......

Tonight we are teaching several couples to play Hoof and Mouth, or Hand and Foot with Skip-Bo cards. We will see how that goes, there is always the Mexican Train if all else fails.

We have been writing in the sand box again, Monday we will be leaving Raccoon Valley RV Park headed to Cumberland Gap National Park where we will spend a few days saying our good-byes to family and friends, and I'm sure Marcia will get her bingo fix with a few nights playing of bingo.

from CGNP we will start our adventure heading WEST, Tucson AZ will be in our sights. Tucson is where our Aunt Arlene lives and Marcia said she wanted to visit her, so off to Tucson we go.

We have no desire to hurry on our way out there, so it will be red roads, or maybe even a few black roads.....

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  1. GREAT! There are lots of red roads from TN to NE NM (and Eagle Nest) on your way to Tucson! We'll be here until mid-Sept. so you have plenty of time to get here before we leave. :)
    Brenda & Roger


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