Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Another RAINY Day

Today was another rainy day for us, this part of the country has had way too much rain while we have been here. I will be happy to get out west where the rain evaporates before it hits the ground. Knoxville news said that area was 7 inches of rain over what they normally get. I'm not sure if that was for a month, season, or the year, but I know it has rained more this year since we have been here than I ever remember, and I was raised in this area.

Corey brought Miss Jaelynn over to spend the day with us, we are always happy to have them around. Dad brought Scott over to visit and we are always happy for them to be around too. Marcia made us all lunch using up the left overs in the refrigerator. Just after we finished eating lunch the rain started, buckets full of water was dumped out over the park.

Marcia and Corey wound up taking Miss Jaelynn for a ride in the tracker trying to get her to take her nap, but we all know being with Nana and Daddyjoe is way too much excitement for a 17 month old little girl to waste time on a nap. It did give dad Scott and myself time to talk. I sure hope Scott works through this valley he is in and gets back on a mountain top, he is not the easiest person to be around when he is down in the dumps. (as if any of us are)

The rain slacked off a little about 4:30 or 5 so dad and Scott took advantage of it to drive back to Middlesboro. It is hard saying goodbye, knowing it may be next spring before we see them again, but we do what we do, and thank God we have cell phones to keep in touch.

I know it must have been a lot harder to live in an RV and roam around the country back before cell phones and the internet. How did they keep in touch with family and friends? Banking must have been a challenge for them also, now we can do most anything using the computer. Blogs like this were not available back them, it was a letter dropped off at some post office, and then I'm sure they wandered if the post office in that small town would pass the letter along, or if it would get filed in file 13.

When we pull out tomorrow headed west again, I will be comforted by the knowledge that dad has my cell phone number, Corey and Jenelle can look on-line anytime and see what we have been doing and where we are, and Miss Jaelynn's pictures will be sent to us regularly. We also know Corey and Jennifer will keep us informed and updated about Joshua, Justin, and Jonathan David.

Living in an RV has some disadvantages, but I really can't think of what they are right now because I am very excited about seeing more of the Good Ole USA.....

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