Monday, August 24, 2009

Kayaking Energy Lake

Today will be our last day here at Land Between the Lakes National Recreation Area in western KY. Tomorrow we will meander a bit further west, but today we started out waiting for it to warm up some. The low last night tied a record low for this area at 56 degrees. Some of my readers like it in the 50's, but that is COLD for me, and it falls way short of the 70's we seek.

After lunch it warmed up enough for us to rent a double kayak. We paddled around Energy Lake, we had a nice breeze blowing us to the western edge, but paddling back was too much like work for me. We did enjoy the afternoon, but the next time I think we will find one with a motor.

Please enjoy a few of the pictures I took today.

After the kayaking we returned to the rig where Marcia took me to school playing "hoof and mouth". (hand and foot with skip-Bo cards the "Pinner" way. She beat me so bad I insisted she go cook supper. (I'll get her back later)

After supper we walked down to the lake to enjoy the sunset on our last night here. The weather has been beautiful all weekend, just a little on the cool side for me. We should have parked in the boondocking campground and saved a few $$ since we didn't need to run the AC.

Here are a few pictures I took at the waters edge as the sun was setting.

I hope you enjoy the pictures, tomorrow we head west.....

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  1. Hey, Joe! Don't you know if you have 70's during the day (like we've had all summer here in NM), it's ALWAYS going to be much cooler than that at night?...and if it's 70's in the early morning, it's going to get into the 90's (YUK) during the day???? Sorry, but ya just can't have it both ways! lol


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