Wednesday, August 5, 2009

A trip to Lexington to get a Hearing Test

I know 175 miles is a long way to drive for a hearing test, but that is what I had to do. Since we are here in Heiskell for two more weeks, I'll be driving back and forth to me appointments.

The drive to Lexington brought back some more of the wet stuff called RAIN, and I really don't like driving in the rain, but this is what I had.

Then traffic slowed to a crawl because of an accident on I-75, We all saw the blue lights.

Then I saw this guy parked in the ditch, and I don't think he parked there intentionally.

Now I see the reason for the slow down.

The hearing test turned out as I expected, I need hearing aids, or at least I can get hearing aids from the VA if I think I really need / or want them. After wearing glasses for the past 5 years I know how hard it was to get used to them, but now I see how much I really need them, so I'm thinking I might as well bite the bullet and get them so I will be used to them by the time I really have to have them to function.

he drive back to Heiskell was DRY, and rather uneventful, which is really a good thing. I did manage to get a snapshot of the "Welcome to Tennessee" sign. ( I have made enough trips that I know right where it is.)

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