Thursday, April 30, 2009


Today was our last day at Rainbows End. YEA we are able to roll again. Marcia finished her commitment today at 12:30, we tied up a few loose ends, and tomorrow AM we are out of here. (unless the weather decides to keep us here)

The joy of full timing, and not being committed to be somewhere at a specific time is you can let the weather dictate where and when you travel. We have two stops to make before we wind up at the Escapade. 1) is to see some very special friends we met at Quartzsite back in Jan on 2008, Rodger and Brenda. Rodger rides a KLR like the one I had, (except newer) and we tried to hook up for a ride in Q but were never on the same schedule.

We did hook up in the Big Bend area of TX in Feb of 08 and they visited us here and in Branson when we were there. All I can say is they are two great people to know, and we adopted them into the "Class of 2007" since they started full timing in 04 and there wasn't a class then.

The next stop will be near Tulsa OK to visit Fay and Jay Carter, two more very special people we met at Q in Jan of 08. Fay delt with Jay when he had ankle surgery last spring, and now Jay is dealing with Fay because she had knee surgery a few days ago. They will be hard to keep up with now that they both have had their limbs worked on.

Here is a picture of the six of them in Branson. Marcia, Rodger, Brenda, Fay, Sitting is Jay recovering from his surgery and holding LULU. I had to take the picture.

Good-bye Lvingston.....


  1. Travel Safe. See you at Escapade

    Tom & Paula

  2. How sad....maybe you should stay....LOL


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