Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Dad Visiting and I am BIKE-LESS

Dad came over today to spend a day or two with us, and I am very happy he is feeling much better than he was last week. I had offered to drive over to pick him up, but he wanted his wheels here in case he decides he wants to leave. How independent we are!!!

While dad was here Dan, a guy that saw the bike on Craigs List came by and looked the DR 650 over. He wound up buying it, although I didn't get as much as I had hoped to get, I did get RID of the motorcycle. I'm happy, dad is happy Scott is happy, and I hope Dan is happy.

We took dad by to see Jenelle's new house tonight after trying out a new (for us) diner. Hunter's on Hwy 33 just north of Emery road isn't much to look at but they do serve some good sandwiches. Dad had a Ruben, Marcia had a BBQ, and I had a small burger, and they all were pretty good.

Tomorrow I get to install the new bat-wing antenna....

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