Monday, July 20, 2009

A Happy DaY

Today has turned out to be a very happy day for me. The weather has been beautiful, and a guy called around noon to talk about the Honda I have been trying to sell. He came and looked it over and then the green hit the mahogany!

We went to find a notary to sign the title over to him. He left the bike to go get his daughter so she could follow him home. So now I only have one motorcycle for sale, and I will just buy it myself if I don't sell it in the next two weeks.

Dad is doing better except the antibiotics (we think) has caused sores in his mouth and he is having trouble eating now. Why do doctors give people medicines that cause problems like that? I really don't understand doctors.

First off why would anyone want to be a doctor? They work way too many hours for me, they have to keep studying to keep up with all the changes, and they are on call way too much. I am really glad some people are and want to be doctors because I sure wouldn't want that job.

Tomorrow we will drive back to Middlesboro to check on dad....

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