Monday, July 6, 2009

Wash Day

No it wasn't the clothes that got the wash job, it was our sons truck, and the MH wheels. Corey was coming to Knoxville to do some shopping and offered to stop by and pick up his truck we borrowed Thursday when Marcia got left at the lake. So I thought the least I could do for him was to wash his truck, and while I had the pressure washer out I did the wheels on the MH.

I now have clean wheels, and covers over the wheels to keep them clean and to keep the sun off the new tires. Corey was impressed that his truck looked so good and even accused me of waxing it. No it was the wash/wax car wash stuff I used, and the fact that he keeps all his "stuff" clean and neat.

Later a woman came by to look at the Honda Rebel I am selling for my brothers wife. She was really interested, but it wasn't shifting right while the bike was idling. I'm almost 100% sure it just needs an oil change. The bike only has 1,397 miles on it and I would almost bet that the oil hasn't been changed in several years. anyway she said she would check with some friends and let me know tonight sometime.

I really hope she comes back tomorrow and slides the green across the mahogany. I'm getting tired of fooling around with my brothers bikes trying to sell them. Oh well I guess that is what big brothers are for.

We took Corey, Jenifer, and Jaelynn out for Mexican food tonight, La Fiesta in Lake City. It was pretty good, and it is also the only Mexican Buffet I have ever seen. They have the buffet on Sundays so we just ordered off the menu tonight.

After we ate Marcia and I took the long way back to the rig, we drove across Noris Dam, and drove through the west campground. The sites were pretty short on the outside loop, and the inside loop looked like it would be hard to get a long rig leveled.

Sorry we didn't have the cameras with us so we don't have any pictures to share. Maybe I'll do better tomorrow....

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